37 Online Laptop Work from Home Jobs to Start Now

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Many work from home jobs allow their workers to use their laptops to work.

Here is a list of some companies that offer jobs that can be done from home using your laptop.

This article lists 37 companies that offer work from home jobs that can be done using a laptop. The jobs include customer service, transcription, teaching, and more. Some of the companies listed include Call Center QA, Great Virtual Works, Arise, Maritz Research, Uhaul, and Appen.

Here is a list of Online Laptop Work from Home Jobs to Start Now:

  1. Call Center QA
  2. Great Virtual Works
  3. Maritz Research
  4. Uhaul
  5. Yardi
  6. AcuTran Global
  7. Allegis
  8. Appen
  9. Speechpad
  10. Transcribe Me
  11. Rev
  12. Tiger Fish
  13. Amazon MTurk
  14. Humanatic
  15. Clickworker
  16. TaskRabbit
  17. iTutor Group
  18. ASAP Tutoring
  19. Brainfuse
  20. Chegg
  21. Paid Viewpoint
  22. Survey Savvy
  23. Upwork
  24. Fiverr
  25. Freelancer.com
  26. Guru
  27. People Per Hour
  28. 99 Designs
  29. Constant Content
  30. Copify
  31. London Brokers
  32. Textbroker
  33. Text Master
  34. Writers Access
  35. Fancy Hands
  36. Voice Log
  37. Arise

Call Center QA


Call Center QA is a company that offers various telephone mystery shopping jobs.

Great Virtual Works


Great Virtual Works is a virtual contact center company that offers a full-scale virtual work from home platform.

Maritz Research


As a research interviewer at Maritz Research, you’ll be handling outbound calls while you’re at home. This job can be very beneficial for individuals who are home-based.



Uhaul is a company that provides work at home reservations agents. This job involves handling various types of calls.



Yardi job involves gathering information about different apartment complexes in order to ensure that they are updated properly.

AcuTran Global


AccuTran Global is a leading provider of home-based transcription jobs in the US. You will be working on various projects and calls.



Allegis is a company that provides transcription services. Aside from insurance companies, they also work for other industries such as banks and hospitals.



Appen offers a work from home environment that you may like.



If you are looking for a job as a transcriber on SpeechPad, you will be working for several insurance companies.

Transcribe Me


TranscribeMe transcription jobs involve converting audio files from various platforms such as church sermons and business meetings.



Rev.com is a company that offers work at home in various areas such as medical, academic, and business. It’s possible to earn up to $2,000 a month through these jobs.

Tiger Fish


Tiger Fish is a website that offers home transcribing jobs. These jobs are great and require no previous experience.

Amazon MTurk


Amazon Mturk is a platform where people can complete various tasks, such as data entry and writing. The pay varies depending on the project.



Humanatic is a great opportunity to sort and review the calls made to a number of clients of Humanatic.



Home-based workers can complete various tasks on their laptops with Clickworker as long as they have reliable internet access.



TaskRabbit is a platform that enables users to get paid to complete tasks for others. The company works seamlessly with both parties.

iTutor Group


You will be teaching English to students from various parts of the world with iTutorgroup.

ASAP Tutoring


You must have a master’s degree in order to work as a tutor for college students with ASAP Tutoring. This job can be beneficial if you’re good at motivating and teaching students.



Brainfuse is a tutoring company that helps students from third to twelfth grade. It offers its services through LiveHelp.



You will need to be able to provide tutoring services in various subjects, such as math and science, to students who are in need of help on Chegg.

Paid Viewpoint


Surveys are very easy to do with Paid Viewpoint. Its surveys are brief and easy to complete.

Survey Savvy


Surveys Savvy offers various types of surveys that are usually filled out by check or cash. These surveys are usually focused on various subjects.



Upwork is a platform that enables people to get paid by doing various jobs that require little or no work experience.



Fiverr is a website that offers a variety of micro jobs starting at $5.



Work projects that are related to a variety of industries are available on Freelancer.com. This site helps people find work projects and get paid for them.



Guru has a huge variety of jobs for freelancers.

People Per Hour


People Per Hour is a place where you can send proposals for jobs that interests you.

99 Designs


99 Designs is a company that offers various contests that allow individuals to submit their designs for clients.

Constant Content


Constant Content writers submit their work for consideration, and if selected, they get paid for it.



Copify.com is a website that enables freelancers to get paid for their work. They can submit their own blog posts, reviews, and social media updates.

London Brokers


London Brokers writers are hired to create content for client’s websites. The company accepts topics related to various industries such as travel, nutrition, and parenting.



Textbroker allows people with limited experience to test their writing skills. They get paid every week.

Text Master


Writers of Text Master get paid for various tasks, such as creating web content, article writing, and photography.

Writers Access


Writers access – This company helps writers earn a certain amount based on how many words they submit.

Fancy Hands


Fancy Hands is looking for virtual assistants who are home-based but can also work from anywhere. They do not need a phone line and can work from anywhere. The hourly rate ranges from $1 up to $5.

Voice Log


Voice Log is a company that provides home-based customer service agents. If you’re looking for a great opportunity, this is a great place to start.



Arise is a customer-service company that provides support to businesses in different industries. This role involves handling all of the company’s customer service inquiries on behalf of the clients.


In conclusion, there are many opportunities for individuals to work from home using their laptops. Whether you’re interested in customer service, transcription, or teaching, there is a job out there for you. The options listed above are just a few of the many opportunities available. With the right skills and determination, you can find the perfect work from home job that fits your lifestyle and interests.

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