15 Ways You Can Get Paid to Test Products

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Would you like to get free products from major and small companies? Alright, you can do so by being a product reviewer.

What does a product reviewer do?

They get the opportunity to examine and offer useful feedback on products prior to their release to the market.

Do Product Reviewers get paid?

Yes, some companies pay them in cash.

How much does a product reviewer make?

Product reviewers make anywhere from $1 to hundreds or even have the opportunity to have costly products for free simply because they were one of the testers.

What’s the difference between a Product Reviewer and a Product Tester?

It means the same thing, they can be used simultaneously.

What is Product Testing/Product Reviewing?

Product testing allows businesses to gather real consumer input before launching a new product or service.

Companies send you free tangible products in exchange for an honest review of their product. After the testing period is over, you usually get to keep the item. Some may even pay you cash.

How do I get Paid for Product Testing?

To earn money for product testing, you’ll want to sign up with different companies that provide paid product testing assignments. Each site will request that you complete a brief form with pertinent demographic information that will assist firms in matching you with appropriate items to evaluate.

So how can you locate sites that will pay you for conducting product testing from home?

Good News, We’ve done most of the work for you and put together this list of companies where you can be a product reviewer, here is the list:

  1. Vindale Research
  2. American Consumer Opinion
  3. JJ Neighbors & Friends (Johnson & Johnson)
  4. McCormick & Co., Inc.
  5. UserTesting.com
  6. BetaTesting
  7. SheSpeaks
  8. NetGalley
  9. Influenster
  10. Product Testing USA
  11. Prize Rebel
  12. Homescan
  13. BzzAgent
  14. Homeschool.com
  15. Valued Opinions

1. Vindale Research


Vindale Research, known for paying people to do surveys, now pays customers to test products. In order to get started, you must apply and pick “product tester”. It is one of the better-paying product tester jobs to earn money online from home.

New users get a $1 sign-up bonus, and after $50, you can payout via PayPal or cheque.

2. American Consumer Opinion


Another site that compensates for product testing and surveys is American Consumer Opinion (ACOP). You’ll share your thoughts on advertising campaigns, the economy, and new product ideas, among other topics.

Registration is not hard, and you can sign up using your Google or Facebook credentials. When you join the panel, you may anticipate participating in many surveys every year. Each survey is generally approximately ten minutes long and contains only a few, easy-to-answer questions.

Each survey completed earns you points that may be redeemed via PayPal. Additionally, you may give your rewards to charity or use them to join numerous competitions to win cash and other prizes.

Every few months, you’ll be prompted to complete a screener survey to help the system choose which possibilities to send your way.

3. JJ Neighbors & Friends (Johnson & Johnson)


Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s largest brands, holding Aveeno, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Roc, and other household names.

It controls the JJ Friends & Neighbors program, which enables you to try items for free and keep them prior to their market release.

This may include sniffing perfumes and experimenting with cosmetics and other self-care items. Additionally, participation in online polls, discussion groups and forums, focus groups, and different panels is an option.

Anyone may enroll, and if they are qualified to participate in a test, they will be notified through email.

4. McCormick & Co., Inc.


If the prospect of testing food appeals to you, joining McCormick & Company’s product testing panel may be a good fit.

To be considered for a McCormick panelist position, you must first apply. After being added to the database, you should get periodic emails soliciting participation in research.

According to the website, studies fill up rapidly, so you’ll want to choose a time slot for participation as soon as you receive notification of one.

Home exams take between 30 minutes and two hours to complete and pay between $10 and $15 with Amazon gift cards, however, some tests pay up to $30 per hour.

McCormick also recruits people for in-facility testing at its Hunt Valley, Maryland, a site near Baltimore. These exams generally take between 30 and 60 minutes and cost between $30 and $100 per hour.

5. UserTesting.com


If you’re excellent at detecting little things when browsing a website, you may be able to earn money testing websites by joining UserTesting. To begin, create an account, download the company’s software, browse websites or mobile applications, and answer questions about your experience.

How many websites you can product test is determined by how well your demographic profile matches that of the site’s intended audience.

You’ll also want a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a means of downloading the program. Additionally, you’ll need to be able to articulate what you like and dislike about the website.

6. BetaTesting


According to BetaTesting, you can expect five or more possibilities every month, although some months you may not get any. However, BetaTesting takes pleasure in providing quality feedback to its clients. So the better your assessments, the more opportunities you’ll have.

BetaTesting pays $10 for each test. After seven days, they send the payment to you through PayPal.

7. SheSpeaks


SheSpeaks will also give you complimentary things to try and review. You can also rate and review their products on their website. To begin, simply create an account.

It’s worth noting that SheSpeaks pays in cash for the greatest or most unique product reviews. It also gives away gift cards and free stuff.

8. NetGalley


If you enjoy reading and want to get free eBooks, consider joining NetGalley. You can ask publishers for advanced reader copies of books in exchange for honest reviews.

If the publisher agrees, you must read the book and provide meaningful feedback. You can share your evaluations via the website’s feedback form, social media, or your blog.

It’s free to join and you get to keep all the books you review.

9. Influenster


Using Influenster is free and you may offer your thoughts on anything from pet care to cosmetics to beverages, food, and even baby supplies.

You can also take surveys to win a VoxBox, a free full-size product box to try at home. After participating, you can leave your honest feedback on its website and social media pages.

10. Product Testing USA


Product Testing USA is unusual in that it allows you to test (and retain) various high-priced items for free; Xbox, FitBit Versa, iPads, and so on. Doesn’t it seem appealing? However, in exchange for these incredible items, you must write a 500-word review essay, submit photographs of the product, and make a video of yourself providing feedback that is at least one minute in length.

The sign-up process is unique compared to other websites and takes a little longer. Rather than creating a single account to utilize for all offers on the website, you must register for each product separately.

The good news is that auto-fill and/or sign up using your Facebook account may save you a significant amount of time when signing up each time.

Due to the fact that you are not compensated in cash or gift cards for testing items on the site, the free products you receive for testing serve as remuneration. However, I doubt many product testers would protest if they get to keep a new iPad.

11. Prize Rebel


PrizeRebel is similar to surveysjunkie.com, inboxdollars.com, and swagbucks.com. The majority of visitors to Prize Rebel do so in order to earn cash or gift cards.

Each point earned on Prize Rebel is worth $0.01. Certain chances need you to test a new product; in these cases, Prize Rebel will give you the product free of charge and will solicit your comments following your testing.

12. Homescan


Nielsen is well known for surveying American television viewers about their watching patterns. The company also maintains a number of subsidiary brands, including the Homescan program.

This is distinct from Nielsen’s Computer and Mobile panel, which compensates consumers for allowing Nielsen to track their online activity.

When you sign up for a free account with Homescan to become a product tester, you’ll receive a portable scanner or access to the company’s mobile app. Scan the barcodes of the goods you purchase while shopping to gain points. Additionally, you may earn points by participating in surveys, and you will be automatically put into quarterly, monthly, and weekly contests.

Although the Homescan program does not pay in cash, you may exchange your points for gift cards and items.

13. BzzAgent


To qualify for free items from BzzAgent, create an account so that it can send you eligible surveys. It will analyze your responses and determine whether you are a suitable fit for a campaign based on them.

If you are, you will receive a BzzKit containing the items. You’ll need to follow the directions for sharing your feedback, which may include publishing your thoughts on social media or writing a product review.

While there is no monetary incentive for participating in campaigns, you do receive the items sent.

14. Homeschool.com


Although this site is mostly geared toward homeschooling families, you may register and receive complimentary goods to review. As a product reviewer, you’ll evaluate and use homeschooling materials prior to their publication on Homeschool.com.

While it is unclear what requirements you must satisfy to become a product tester, registration is free and simple. Simply sign up for the company’s product tester email list, and you’ll receive opportunities to test out books, printables, reports, and homeschooling kits.

You get to retain whatever it sends you, but it does not compensate you for your opinions.

15. Valued Opinions


Valued Opinions conducts paid surveys in 15 other languages, making it more accessible to users whose first language is not English. The website features a range of polls spanning from cultural trends to video games.

Naturally, in keeping with the article’s title, Valued Opinions also provides product testing, which often pays more than other activities.

According to user evaluations, polls on Valued Opinions may be rather enjoyable to complete. Additionally, longer surveys (which may last up to 5 hours!) pay people handsomely for their time.

However, unlike many other comparable services, you cannot exchange your points for cash. Instead, you can only use them for gift cards.

While the minimum withdrawal amount is $10, a $10 gift card is sometimes insufficient to purchase famous brands. If you earn $20 or more, you may exchange your points for gift cards from more popular brands/stores, such as Amazon.


There are plenty of opportunities to get paid for product testing. Whether you’re interested in trying out new food products, testing websites, or reviewing books, there’s something for everyone. Consider signing up with one or more of the companies on this list to start earning money (and free products) from home.

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