Get Paid To Test Video Games and Mobile Apps Now

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Get paid to test video games and mobile apps

Play a lot of video games? why not make money doing what your already doing?

Can’t do without apps and video games? There’s a reason why so many people love video games and apps.

One of the cool things about being a tester is that you get to see the products before they’re released to the public. This is very beneficial for anyone who is interested in gaming or app development.

A new and exciting industry has popped up over the years.

With the rise of video games and mobile apps, some companies have decided to pay people just to test them out for errors before they’re released to the public.

These companies will work with you as a third-party tester and assess your feedback as someone who plays video games or uses mobile apps on a regular basis.

They want to know what you think and whether or not there are any bugs that need to be fixed, so they pay people just like you for your feedback!

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UserTesting's Website

UserTesting offers a simple service – record yourself doing tasks on websites or apps and answer questions. The company pays $10 for every video you submit.


Another company that pays people to test video games is UserCrowd. You simply click on an image of the game screen and try to play it. If you can’t figure out how to play, you get paid $0.20 per credit earned.

Userlytics website

Userlytics pays between $5 – $20 or more to install an app or game on your phone and give feedback about it.

TryMyUi website

Another company that pays people to test mobile apps is TryMyUI . The company offers a simple service – record yourself navigating through an app and answer questions. You get paid $10 for every video you submit.

Testbirds website

Testbirds is based out of Germany, but they will compensate you in US dollars if you happen to live in the United States. 

Once you create an account with them, you’re given a full profile of yourself. From there, it’s up to you to decide whether or not their video games and mobile apps are worth your time by testing out as many as you want.  

They pay $15 per hour for your time, but it seems like the average rate is around $12 per hour.

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